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Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book

For as long as people have been making quilts, they've been making Log Cabins. And for as long as Judy Martin has been designing quilts, she's been designing Log Cabins. Her first book was Log Cabin Quilts, back in 1980. She's been tinkering with Log Cabin designs ever since, creating such popular patterns as Colorado Log Cabin, Starlight Log Cabin, and Spring Valley Log Cabin. Now she's back with a new set of Log Cabin patterns ready to take their place beside her earlier classics.  128 pages, 16 patterns, color throughout. These ain't your grandmother's Log Cabins. (Well, one is, but the other 15 quilts are beyond anything she ever could have imagined!) No one knows more about Log Cabins better than Judy Martin does, and she shares a lifetime of experience in this exciting, new book.